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Archives of  concerts

2012-2016 Principal cello of the OSJB.



  Art openings, exhibitions of paintings and pottery by Dominique Rouge, Estavayer-Le-Lac/La maison du bonheur, Moutier


  Nachtschicht-Nocturne, music, hip-hop dance and acrobatics at the Biel Public Transport depot, Biel Youth Orchestra


  Fame & Heroes, Music and Theater on the theme of celebrity, Biel Youth Orchestra



  Tenor and accompanying cellist at the Choir of the Collegiate Church of Moutier, conducted by Esther Cangiamila


  Soloist with the teachers' orchestra of the EMJB during the Closing Ceremony of the Music School of St-Imier, concerto in C minor by A.Vivaldi




  Sacre du Printemps at the French Gymnasium in Biel, Music and dance

inspired by Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring,  Pumpernicle Company,  Biel


  Public cello examination to obtain a certificate of completion of non-professional studies, classical curriculum, C.Vay class. 

Works by JS Bach, N.Paganini, J.Haydn and D.Shostakovich, St-Imier


  Soloist with the teachers' orchestra of the EMJB during the

Closing ceremony of the Music School of Jura-Bernois, cello concerto in C major by J. Haydn


  Kromo Krono, The 40th anniversary show of the EMJB, Philippe Krüttli, St-Imier




  Soloist with the Bienne Youth Orchestra (OSJB), Cello Concerto in D minor by E.Lalo, Lionel Zürcher conducting, Bienne



  Soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Budweis (Czech Republic), as part of the International Summer Academy of Biel, concerto in D minor by E.Lalo, Biel


  19th Schubertiade in Biel:

Radio soloist (Kiosque à Musique et Espace 2, Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)), study 22, Popper; Suite no4 by JS.Bach;

Concert of Young Talents EMJB, works by JS Bach, D.Shostakovich, P.Bazelaire


  Picture at an exhibition, produced by the OSJB, Bienne


  Solo musical interlude in the International Lyceum Club of Biel, JS Bach, Suite 1 in G major



  Chroma, soloist of Mario Bürki's concerto for two cellos with the Shostakovich harmony, Vicques


  Soloist for the concerto in C major by Joseph Haydn, Meeting Point Mozart 2016 with the Orchester du Gymnase de Bienne, then the Orchester de la Neuveville

  50 years of the Rotary Club St-Imier; Franz Schubert trio in B flat major, St-Imier


  Presto Quartet, works by Telemann, Boccherini, and Haydn, Jura-Bernois



  Soloist with the Biel Symphony Orchestra, concerto by Joseph Haydn in D major, Biel


  In this all-black piano, French song string quintet accompanying Romain Didier, Switzerland


  Cello in the Arpège Orchestra, Mozart's Coronation Mass, and Telemann's Moments of the Day, Bienne

  Concert of the Winners of the National Competition of the Jura Festival 2017, Moutier


  Soloist at the official concert of the International Summer Academy of Biel, work by Liszt, Shostakovich, Ligeti and Piazzolla, Biel

  Christmas Eve in Grandval, music by JS. Bach


Concert by the Rotary Club of Moutier, music by JS.Bach and Beethoven

Concert by the class of Thomas Demenga, Beethoven Sonata in G minor for cello and piano, Basel

Concerts at Courtedoux, Music Festival in partnership with the Basel University of Music, Courtedoux

Master's recital, Chamber Music trio, César Franck trio in F-sharp minor, Basel

Animal and musical worship, Plateau d'Orange, Tavanne

Course  and concert with Professor David Geringas, Berlin, Germany

Cello meets cello, cello duets with Natalia Dauer, Laufenburg, Germany

Berlin: Masterclass with Professor David Geringas

Requiem by Fauré with the Arpège ensemble, Philippe Fallot


Classics of the FARB Foundation 2019, three recitals on the world of solo cello, Delémont

Vicultural Society of Moutier, Musical Season, cello-harp duo recital, with Marie Noirjean, Moutier

Master's recitals in chamber music, trios by Shostakovich and Brahms, Basel

Bachelor Recital by Nathan, Sonatas by Beethoven, Magnard and Prokofiev, Basel

Soloist concert with the Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra, Shostakovich concerto n.2, Biel  

Musical hour at the Port-Museum of Douarnenez on the marine theme (France)

Soloist with the Jura Chamber Orchestra, works by Haydn and Sollima

FARB Professional Development Scholarship, Delémont  


Annual concert of the class of Thomas Demenga, Basel

Mass of Dvorak with the Arpège ensemble, Philippe Fallot

Bourg de Bienne concert series, cello and piano recitals, with Marie Carrière

Series of musical meetings given by Nathan-Gavroche and his cello on a balcony in Moutier

Series of Musical Rendezvous in the Gardens of Switzerland


Formation of the Rotonde duo with Nicolas Caccivio

Realization of 4 videos on my Modern Suite for 2 cellos

Collaboration with rapper Sim's, concerts and recordings

Revival of the show "Cendres" with Antoine Leroy and Pierre-Alain Jeannet

Master's recital in Basel

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